Waxoyl USA


Waxoyl USA Homepage on an iMac

Website Redesign

A complete redesign of the existing Waxoyl USA site using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap. The previous site was made using asp, tables, and flash. It was so out of date and not SEO friendly that Google Adwords was disapproving all ads.

The new website was designed around getting a proper SEO score and getting more customer impressions. Once the redesigned site was launched, a new AdWords campaign was launched a few months later.


  • HTML / CSS
  • BootStrap
  • jQuery


  • Google AdWords
  • Listrak Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Waxoyl USA Homepage

This is the website when it was launched in 2012. When launched, the site was already out of date for the time and really didn鈥檛 work well with search engines or on mobile devices with its use of flash.

Waxoyl USA Homepage from 2012

This new Waxoyl USA site was launched in 2017. The focus of the redesign was to have a SEO friendly site that people could easily use on a desktop or mobile device.

Waxoyl USA Homepage from 2018

Waxoyl USA Category Page

Here is a category page on the old website. There are no products above the fold, the header/navigation switches from the homepage, and all the text and headings are randomly sized making it hard to read and crawl.

Waxoyl USA Homepage from 2012

On the improved website there are properly organized and formed headings, a list readable by customers and search engines, a nav that stays the same from page to page, and products above the fold to cut down on bounce rates.

Waxoyl USA Homepage from 2018

Post Relaunch Analytics


Before the redesign, there were only eight pages being crawled by search engines. Now there are over 60 properly formed pages indexed by search engines.

Web Traffic

New user traffic is up over 100%, and overall traffic is up over 100%. On top of the traffic increase, the overall average time on the site is up from 20 seconds to over 1 minute.


The new AdWords campaign has increased impressions and overall sales are up over 300%.