Rovers North

Web Design / Development / SEO / Marketing

Rovers North Homepage on a MacBook

Website Redesign

A complete redesign of the website frontend based on analytics, A/B testing, heatmap analysis, SEO/SEM scoring, competitor research, and customer feedback. The backend .NET code was also modified to speed up the overall performance of the site and improve the URL structure for SEO.

On top of the website relaunch, a new marketing strategy including email, social media, PPC and remarketing ads was created to work with the improved site.


  • HTML / CSS
  • jQuery / Javascript
  • PHP / .NET / C#
  • MySQL / SQL Server
  • Solr


  • Google AdWords
  • Listrak Email Marketing
  • Listrak Automated Campaigns
  • Google Analytics / Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Trustpilot

Rovers North Homepage

This is the website when it was launched in 2012. When launched, the site was already out of date for the time and really didn’t work well with search engines or on mobile devices.

Rovers North Homepage from 2014

This new site was launched in 2018. All of the HTML / CSS was built from the ground up. Special care was taken during the redesign to get the site load times down while also increasing the usability.

Rovers North Homepage from 2019

Rovers North Mobile Website

As you can see the mobile site was an afterthought and nearly unusable on the old website. Nothing is lining up, the entire screen is not being used to serve the largest content possible to the user, products overflow off the screen, many touch targets are too small, and the most used parts of the site are not sized or ordered in importance.

Rovers North Mobile Site from 2014

Before the new mobile responsive website was conceived, research was done on how customers used the mobile site and what other competitor’s sites offered. On the new mobile site, there is an emphasis on the search bar, a clearly defined login button, and minimizing the space that the menu took up to get as much content as possible above the fold.

Rovers North Mobile Site from 2019

Rovers North Category Pages

Here is an example of a category page on the old website. This page happens to be the second most popular page on the site. After analyzing customer actions on the page and SEO Scores I found that there was not enough written content on the page, no keywords, zero headings, and bounce rates on child pages were extremely high.

Rovers North Category Page from 2014

This is the updated category page. You can see there are actual headings in use, matching paragraph below the hero image with keywords, and images for child categories to help the customer navigate. On top of these visual changes, the page was sped up through optimizing the code and the URL structure was reconfigured to capitalize on front end changes.

Rovers North Category Page from 2019

Rovers North Product Pages

Here is an example of a product page on the old website. After customer testing, again it was found that heatmaps were all over the place due to nothing lining up and important elements not being sized correctly. SEO rankings were down due to lack of content on the page, no alt or title tags being used on the actual content, incorrect heading use, and the brand logo being placed on the image where it could not be crawled by search engines.

Rovers North Product Page from 2014

This is now the product page on Rovers North. You can see in the redesign that important elements are larger, everything follows a grid design, additional images were added to the item, customer help / reviews are added to increase conversions, and the CTA element was much larger and more prominent on the page. On the SEO side, semantic markup / proper headings were used and the brand is actually printed on the page.

Rovers North Product Page from 2019

Rovers North Mockup

This mockup was created in photoshop using feedback from customers, analyzing major competitors, and other highly rated eCommerce sites. Click on the thumbnail to view a full-size mockup in a new tab.

Post Relaunch Analytics

Web Sales

Since the relaunch of the new Rovers North website, web sales are up 97% overall.


With the new email integration, subscribers are up 62% and CTR is up 30%. The new AdWords campaign has CPC down over 80% and conversions up over 200%.

Web Traffic

New user traffic is up 73%, and overall traffic is up 32%. Bounce rates are down from 46% to 29%.


Before the relaunch, the average page speed was 4.6 seconds. Now the average page speed is 1.27 seconds.